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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Is there a room in your home that just feels unwelcoming? What colors have you used in that room? Do you have it decorated in a manner that will create a welcoming and joyful feel? I had a room in my home that just made me feel depressed when I spent any time in it. I talked with an interior designer friend of mine about the problem and she told me to look for visual arts to place around the room. She told me that I had to spend some time looking at different artwork until I found the pieces that created a positive and powerful feeling. Visit my website to find out how I changed the feel of my room with a few visual art pieces.


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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Setting The Stage: Everything Needed To Put On A Live Production

by Shawn Moreno

Musicals and theatrical presentations, as well as music shows, all require many of the same steps and same things behind the stage. Without these common needs, these shows would not be very successful. If you are trying to produce a major, one-time, live event production for a charity benefit, here is what, and who, you will need to get and hire in advance.

Lighting and Lighting Crews

No one in the audience can see a thing if you do not light the stage. Furthermore, if you need other lighting effects, such as spotlights or colored lights, you need a lighting crew. Be sure to hire people with plenty of experience and someone who can be the master stage lighter to get the crew to do what needs to be done.

Theatrical Sound

Actors have learned to project their voices, but if you hold your show in a massive performing arts center, you will need more than just excellent actors and great acoustics. You will need a sound director, sound equipment that is adequate for the venue, and micro-microphones for speaking and singing roles. If the show it just a concert without singing, then microphones via stands are adequate. You will also need dozens of speakers to project sound. The sound director you hire will let you know exactly which types of speakers and number of each you will need.

Set Design and Construction

Set design and construction crews are usually the same thing when it comes to one-time events or smaller productions. Still, they are an important part of any show because the set design reveals where things are taking place. Set design can also set the mood or tone for the entire show.

Stage Hands

The actors, the sound crew, the lighting crew, and the set design and construction crew are busily doing their jobs before and during the show. They cannot act as stage hands. You will need to hire a half dozen stage hands who can help move, remove, and change the scenery for each new act of the show. 

Costumes and Makeup

If and when costumes are needed on stage, you need a costume designer and possibly a seamstress. Both make and fit the costumes to the performers. ALL live productions require makeup so that the audience can see the performers. Theatrical lights tend to wash out people's faces on stage, so a make-up artist is a definite necessity, too.