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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Is there a room in your home that just feels unwelcoming? What colors have you used in that room? Do you have it decorated in a manner that will create a welcoming and joyful feel? I had a room in my home that just made me feel depressed when I spent any time in it. I talked with an interior designer friend of mine about the problem and she told me to look for visual arts to place around the room. She told me that I had to spend some time looking at different artwork until I found the pieces that created a positive and powerful feeling. Visit my website to find out how I changed the feel of my room with a few visual art pieces.


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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

3 Ways You Can Use Video as Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

by Shawn Moreno

When it comes to marketing your content and products, you need to have a well-rounded plan. In order to market your content, you need more than written content and pictures, you need engaging videos as well. Videos should be an important part of your content marketing plan. You need more than simple videos, you need videos that tell a story, grab people's attention, and educate your customers.   

Make Your Video About the Story

When you create videos for your business, your videos should not be a direct sales pitch. Instead, your video needs to tell a story. You need your videos to connect with your customers. When your customers watch your videos, they need to touch on their emotions and connect with their needs. Your videos can achieve this if you have a good idea of what your customers need and how your products can help address those needs. 

Your video should tell a story about how your products or services can address your customer's needs. You need to make sure that your videos really connect with customers on a personal level through storytelling. 

Grab Attention Quickly

When you create video content, you don't have the entire length of the video to convey your message. You really have about five to ten seconds, right at the start of the video, where you have an opportunity to convenience customers to watch the entire video. If you don't grab their attention in that timeframe, they are probably not going to watch your video. 

In order to get people to watch your video, in the first five to ten seconds, you need to inspire an emotional response and let the viewer know why they should keep watching. Your video needs to show off how it is both creative and unique, all in a few seconds.  

Provide Education

Finally, your videos should be educational. They should help address your customer's questions and concerns. Your customers should finish watching your videos and they should feel like they learned something, not just like they were sold something. Your videos should educate your customers about how to use your products. They can also provide value and insight into the topics that your products are connected to, without directly marketing your products at all.

When it comes to adding videos to your content marketing plan, you need to make sure your videos tell a story, grab the viewer's attention quickly, and educate your customers. By making your videos entertaining and valuable, you will help your customers and yourself. Learn more options by contacting services such as Sharyn Bey Productions.