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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Is there a room in your home that just feels unwelcoming? What colors have you used in that room? Do you have it decorated in a manner that will create a welcoming and joyful feel? I had a room in my home that just made me feel depressed when I spent any time in it. I talked with an interior designer friend of mine about the problem and she told me to look for visual arts to place around the room. She told me that I had to spend some time looking at different artwork until I found the pieces that created a positive and powerful feeling. Visit my website to find out how I changed the feel of my room with a few visual art pieces.


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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Bird Paintings That Will Fit Into Your Sunroom's Theme

by Shawn Moreno

Paintings of birds in their natural habitats will complement the greenery, figurines, and other environmental decorations that are displayed in your sunroom. Purchase a few wildlife paintings and use these as the backdrop of your display. 

View And Purchase Artwork

There are many renowned artists and promising new artists who make a living off of their renditions of living creatures and their respective environments. Wildlife paintings include any living creatures or untouched scenery that one would find in the wild.

Artists often use their own observations as the basis of their creations. An artist who spends time birdwatching from their home or their vacation retreat or someone who travels the world and likes to capture their explorations through their artwork may be the type of painter who you are most impressed by. When looking at paintings that are featured at a gallery or an eclectic shop, seek information about each artist and what prompted them to complete a particular piece. 

If you are looking for an affordable way to update your sunroom, but like many paintings that are for sale, inquire about obtaining some prints. Prints are renditions of a real painting, but will not set you back as much as an original piece would. If you would still like to own an original painting, you could invest in one or two of your favorites and purchase prints for the other additions that will be displayed in the room. 

Frame The Pieces And Create The Setting That You Desire

The type of ambiance that you are trying to promote will guide you in choosing a frame material and display setup. Lighting, color, and pattern themes that are displayed in the room, and the manner in which your furnishings are set up may encourage you to take a specific approach. For example, if your sunroom resembles a water forest or a tropical setting, bamboo frames or ones that are constructed from a light-colored variety of wood may be complementary to the other items in the sunroom.

For a more vibrant setting that includes dark colors and bold prints, choose frames that are constructed out of non-traditional materials. The framed wildlife paintings can be hung directly from a wall that the furnishings are facing or you can purchase a hutch and perch each painting on top of a wooden or a metal holder that is resting against a shelf. Use individual lightbars or drop lighting to draw attention to the paintings and prints.