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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

Is there a room in your home that just feels unwelcoming? What colors have you used in that room? Do you have it decorated in a manner that will create a welcoming and joyful feel? I had a room in my home that just made me feel depressed when I spent any time in it. I talked with an interior designer friend of mine about the problem and she told me to look for visual arts to place around the room. She told me that I had to spend some time looking at different artwork until I found the pieces that created a positive and powerful feeling. Visit my website to find out how I changed the feel of my room with a few visual art pieces.


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using visual arts to change the feel of your room

4 Tips For Buying Fine Art Landscaping Photography Wall Prints For Your Home

by Shawn Moreno

If you love the outdoors, and you want to bring some nature into your home, a great way to do so is by adding fine art landscaping photography wall prints to your home. These wall prints can add color and style to your home and enhance the appearance of whatever room they are placed in.

Tip #1: Know What Type of Landscapes You Like

The truth is that the field of landscape photography is very large. In order to find the right art for your home, it can help to narrow down the type of landscape photography that you enjoy.

For example, do you like photos of mountains? Desserts? Waterfalls? Oceans? Rivers? Do you like photos that show the sunrise, sunset, dusk, night, or full daylight? Do you like landscape photos that are all about nature or that incorporate in man-made elements? Do you like to see birds and animals in your landscape pictures?

Knowing what type of lighting, subject matter, and location you enjoy seeing will help you narrow down and focus on the type of landscape photography that you would most enjoy hanging on your walls.

Tip #2: Visit Local Galleries

Second, to get a better idea of what is available in your local community, and to see what a large art landscape looks like in person, visit some local art galleries.

Art galleries usually feature a selection of different types of art, from paintings to ink drawings to sculptures to photography. Looking at art in person can help you refine your tastes and can help you discover new things to enjoy.

Tip #3: Check Out Instagram

Third, nowadays, many artist, galleries, collectors, and art-focused businesses share their work on Instagram. Instagram can be a great place to discover photographers whose work you like.

If you discover landscape prints you like on Instagram, you can check out the link in the artist's bio, which will often direct you to their personal website or to a website that is selling their work. Or you can direct message the artist and find out where they sell their work so you can obtain a print for your home.

Tip #4: Know What Size You Want

Finally, with photography prints, oftentimes, you can request that a print be made in a certain size, which is why it important to know what size print you are shopping for. Examine your space, and determine what size prints you would like. Write down the sizes you need for your home, so that way, when you find a landscape picture you like, you will be able to easily request a print in the size that will work for your home.

If you want to add some fine art landscape photography to your home, visit local galleries and Instagram to discover new artists. Think about what type of photography you enjoy the most. Know what size print would work best in your home so when you find the right image, you can purchase it right away in the best size for your home.